How to Save the World for Free

Natalie FeeMonday 23rd March 5.00pm Opening the festival’s Horizon Talks is award-winning environmental campaigner, author, speaker and founder of City to Sea Natalie Fee. She’ll be sharing her journey as a founder and change-maker,  as well as tips and ideas from her new book, How to Save the World for Free. We know that a better world is possible.… Continue reading How to Save the World for Free

Melting Minds – Does Climate Change Impact Mental Health?

Dr Emma LawranceWednesday 8th April 5.00pm Climate change has growing implications for every aspect of our society, but health impacts have only recently received significant attention. As more people witness the effects of the changing climate on their homes, communities and environments, or learn about future scenarios, more people are speaking out about the emotional… Continue reading Melting Minds – Does Climate Change Impact Mental Health?

Zero Emissions, Lifestyles, Values

Professor Julian Allwood Julian Allwood is Professor of Engineering and the Environment at the University of Cambridge. He worked for 10 years for Alcoa, prior to developing an academic career, initially at Imperial College, and from 2000 in Cambridge. In parallel with developing new manufacturing technologies for metals, he has built up a research group… Continue reading Zero Emissions, Lifestyles, Values

Bella Lack

Bella LackThursday 2nd April 5.00pm Bella Lack is a 17-year-old conservationist and ambassador for the Born Free Foundation, STAE, RSPCA and Jane Goodall Institute. She is also part of the Ivory Alliance, which is a group of ‘influencers’ and politicians working to combat the Illegal Wildlife Trade. She uses the power of technology (in the form… Continue reading Bella Lack

Our Zero-carbon Energy Future

Dr Ajay GambhirMonday 11th May 5.00pm In this presentation, Dr Ajay Gambhir will briefly explain the scientific evidence that indicates why we need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions so rapidly. He will then describe the different technologies and measures that are available to us to “decarbonise” our energy system, which is responsible for most… Continue reading Our Zero-carbon Energy Future