London Climate Change Festival (Holding Page)

London Climate Change Festival

We’re evolving… Watch this space

The London Climate Change Festival was scheduled to commence on Monday 23rd March and run for 8 weeks. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, elements of the Festival moved online.

Contributors from the arts, science and business came together with a common goal to talk, entertain and explore ways to live in better harmony with our planet. The Festival planned to inform, inspire and offer both hope and guidance on how to live a plastic and carbon-free life. We wanted to bring focus on the need for immediate change in how we live on this planet.

In light of the current situation, the Festival did not happen how we planned. Dozens of people gave so much of their time and effort to this cause and we therefore refuse to let it end here.

Over the coming months, we plan to evolve.

We will become something bigger and better and continue to communicate environmental issues through drama, art and literature.

Watch this space

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