A Song for Nature

It has been a year like no other we have ever experienced.  It’s been such an important time.  We have all, no doubt, realised the value and preciousness of life.  Nature. Each other. To this end the above concert, filmed, in place of a live event is the entity that is forming by the collection of great artists who feel impelled to do what they can, as artists, and lovers of this Earth. 

We will be at The London Coliseum with the ENO Orchestra and Chorus.  Filmed on the bare stage and in rooms and locations within the glorious Theatre.  Covid regulations in place. Climate Change has taken its hold on the other side of the world and Stuart Ramsay, Award-winning Chief Correspondent at Sky News will be reporting on his recent travels and the drought he found in Honduras due to Climate Change and the consequences.  But we are given hope with the innovation you will read below.  As Greta said ‘Noone is too small to make a difference’ and to this end we at the London Climate Change Festival which we set up 20 months ago are doing all we can through this concert to encourage and guide the individual to know the difference can be made quite simply starting at home.