Panel Discussion: The climate crisis is a health crisis

Tuesday 21st April 5.00pm

The Climate Crisis is a Health Crisis: What can health professionals do? A panel discussion about the growing role of healthcare professionals in environmentalism. While doctors battle to save individuals lives, the system they live in risks the lives of the whole population. It is becoming harder for doctors to live in the doublethink this causes. How can doctors maximise their platform to push a rapid cultural shift, and how will that affect the sacred doctor-patient relationship? Featuring 3 NHS doctors and climate advocates working in very different ways.

Chair to be announced

Sir Andy Haines is a Professor of Environmental Change and Public Health and previous director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Prior to this he was a Professor of Primary Healthcare at University College and worked as both a General Practitioner and a Consultant Epidemiologist for the Medical Research Council. He was knighted for his services to medicine in 2005. He was the review editor of health chapter in the most recent IPCC report, released in 2014. 

Dr Hayley Pinto is a consultant addiction psychiatrist working in the NHS for over 25 years. Since reading the 2014 IPCC report and realising the scale and urgency of the climate emergency, she co-founded a local climate awareness and lobbying organisation (CHAIN). became a speaker and activist for Greenpeace, and in the last 18 months became an active member, speaker and trainer with Extinction Rebellion, and the professional offshoot group – Doctors for Extinction Rebellion. In that period she has been arrested 3 times, with her motivation grounded in her love for her 3 children and the beauty of the natural world.

Dr Katie Knight is a Paediatric Emergency Medicine Consultant, co-founder of Women Speakers in Healthcare, former National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow, founder of Paediatric FOAMed (Free Online Access to Medical Education) and an active member of North Middlesex Hospital’s Sustainability Forum. As a Paediatrician she is acutely aware of the generational injustice of climate damage, and actively lobbying the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to push the speciality in a more sustainable direction.

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