Horizon Talks

London Climate Change Festival

How to save the world for free
Natalie Fee, City To Sea

Climate change on our blue world: past, present and future
Dr Matthew Genge

What can we do to tackle climate change?
Dr Neil Jennings
Grantham Institute
Imperial College London

Learning how to feed the planet in response to COVID-19
David Oakes & Edward Davey

Zero emissions, lifestyles, values Professor Julian Allwood
University of Cambridge

Compassion vs Consumerism: Meeting future challenges head-on
Global Action Plan

Bella Lack
Conservationist & Ambassador

Our zero-carbon energy future
Dr Ajay Gambhir

Will the green agenda really get out of the margins?
Professor Andrew Samuels

Melting Minds: Does climate change impact mental health?
Dr Emma Lawrance

Environmental Justice: Campaigning for cleaner London air
Rosamund Adoo Kissi-Debrah
& Georgia Elliott-Smith

Away with all cars
Leo Murray
Director of Innovation, Possible

Limiting warming to 1.5°C – a matter of societal will, not science
Dr Joeri Rogelj, Grantham Institute

Our Biggest Experiment: The history of Climate Change
Dr Alice Bell, Possible

The climate crisis is a health crisis
Sir Andy Haines, Dr Hayley Pinto
& Dr Katie Knight

Panel Discussion
Dr Neil Jennings
Grantham Institute

John Sauven
Greenpeace, Executive Director

How you can solve the climate crisis from the comfort of your own home
Tessa Clarke Co-Founder & CEO OLIO

Drops in the ocean: who am I to halt the Climate Storm?
Dr Caroline Kuzemko
& Janie Dee

How cars can put the brake on climate breakdown
Global Action Plan
Panel Discussion

Tackling climate change, and much more, through urban design
Dr Audrey de Nazelle

Through eco-anxiety to agency
Caroline Hickman,
Clover Hogan & Matt Golding

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