Horizon Talk: Away With All Cars

Leo Murray
Friday 3rd April 5.00pm

At Possible, we know we need to tackle the climate crisis, and we need to move fast.
The sheer scale of action required means it will touch everyone’s lives. If we’re going to move at the speed required – and if we’re going to ensure the new world we build is a fair one – people and communities have to be involved. Politicians, corporations and other established institutions will have to play a key role too, but they will only move fast enough once they know their constituents and customers are on board.
The climate movement must be a mass movement or it simply won’t achieve its aims.
How can we make this happen?

Leo Murray is Director of Innovation at Possible. He makes sure that Possible’s campaigns punch well above our weight – generating new ideas, spotting threats and opportunities and keeping track of how we fit into the big picture of climate action. He spends most of my time thinking about how to improve the interaction between ordinary people and the low carbon transition.
Since becoming obsessed with climate change in 2005, he has tried a lot of different approaches to addressing it, and played a central role in the original campaign against a third runway at Heathrow Airport. He co-founded the 10:10 campaign that later became Possible back in 2009, and has been back since 2013 following a stint designing adventure playgrounds and making eco animations.

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