Horizon Talk: Dr Matthew Genge

Dr Matthew Genge
Tuesday 24th March 5.00pm

Climate change on our blue world: past, present and future
Climate change is nothing new, our planet’s climate has changed continually throughout its long history from freezing ice ages to periods of searing deserts. Why then should we be concerned about the changes that are occurring now? The answer lies in the history of our planet. It reveals the unprecedented scale of the changes that each and everyone of us are beginning to see with our own eyes. In this talk planetary scientist and geologist Matt Genge will take us on a journey through deep time to show how the world’s climate system has changed in the past.

Dr Matthew Genge is a senior lecturer at Imperial College London and is a planetary scientist and geologist. His speciality is in the study of extraterrestrial dust and its interaction with the Earth’s atmosphere. He also studies volcanoes, meteorites, impact craters and other planets, such as Mars. In his career he has worked with NASA on cosmic dust and has been involved with space missions such as NASA Stardust, which collected dust from comet Wild-2.

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