Horizon Talk: Drops in the ocean – who am I to halt the Climate Storm?

Dr Caroline Kuzemko & Janie Dee
Thursday 30th April 5.00pm

My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of dropsCloud Atlas by David Mitchell

Caroline Kuzemko in conversation with Janie Dee – inspired by the works of David Mitchell and ideas of inter-connection, positive action, and possibilities for societal change.

Dr Caroline Kuzemko is an Associate Professor of climate change policy and politics at the University of Warwick, and her job involves teaching, researching, and writing about sustainable transformations, how difficult they can be to achieve in practice, and why. She has published various books and journal articles and, from time to time, offers policy advice to government. As part of these processes she has come to understand quite a bit about the ways in which certain power relations can delay, and sometimes seek to prevent, sustainable societal change. But she has also learnt about the many possibilities for collective, positive societal action and this is what I will be talking about, in conversation with Janie Dee, and inspired by the work of David Mitchell (author of Cloud Atlas).

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