Horizon Talk: Our Biggest Experiment – The History of Climate Change

Dr Alice Bell
Thursday 16th April at 5.00pm

Dr Alice Bell takes us back to climate change science’s first steps in the 18th and 19th centuries, through initial concerns in the 1950s, up to today when, with ever-more urgent calls from the world’s scientists and new voices like the Youth Climate Strikers and Extinction Rebellion we might be finally starting to face up to the catastrophic consequences ahead.
Alice Bell is among the foremost voices in the environmental movement and will set the story behind the science into context. This decade will decide whether our civilization stands or falls; Alice Bell will tell us how we know this, and why it has taken so long for this become established as fact.
Understand how we managed to create the degree of global warming we already have, and be inspired to take bigger, bolder action to avoid more.

Dr Alice Bell is Director of Communications at Possible, keeping Possible’s busy communications team running as smoothly as possible – ensuring they speak to a broad range of people, that everything looks fresh and enticing, and they’re listening to our supporters.
Before joining Possible in 2015, she worked as a journalist and editor, in museums, and as an academic. Her PhD’s in science communication, and she’s lectured in science policy and science journalism too. She was a key contributor to the International Council for Science’s climate policy blog on the run up to the Paris talks, set up the science policy blog at the Guardian, and edited innovation storytelling magazine How We Get to Next.
When I’m not working at Possible, I’m writing a book on the history of the climate crisis (Bloomsbury, Autumn 2021).

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