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London Climate Change Festival

Young People and the London Climate Change Festival

To inform, inspire and bring hope

We invited London primary schools into the London Climate Change Festival to find out about how our world is changing. We have a responsibility to talk about these issues in a way that resonates with young people’s own experiences, inspiring empowerment & self-expression. Now more than ever, we need to be looking to our future and those who will live there…

Fiona and The Fox…
He keeps coming back to the garden, looking worse and worse and worse…

Our 1-hour storytelling workshop, devised for children aged 7-11, told the story of Fiona – a kid from the city, who has a strange sort of pet. In her garden, in the middle of the night and the muddle of sounds and streetlights, a fox comes prowling…

To begin with, this fox is a very unwelcome guest. But soon, Fiona realises that the fox needs help and that she will have to be the one who gives it…This interactive workshop puts the children in the characters’ shoes (and paws).

The children are faced with decisions that cultivate their reasoning and empathy skills, giving them real agency and establishing them as key decision-makers in the narrative. This imaginative, creative experience immerses the children in a story and allows them to come to their own conclusions around environmental issues that affect their city.The children will come away with a practical understanding of small but mighty ways that they can make a real impact on their surroundings and the environment on a wider scale. 

Recycled Recycling with Tzu Chi
Introducing young people to the importance of recycling with an active, artistic and tactile learning experience with one of the world’s leading users of recycled materials. 

Tzu Chi is a Singaporian manufacturer of a range of products, from clothes to cutlery, who believe that real education and engaging young people are the ways to make the greatest change to our environment. Their workshop is a fun way of exploring what happens after you’ve recycled. They will show the children how they turn a plastic bottle into a t-shirt and let the children play with the materials themselves and make things to take home with them. 

The Children Of Vanuatu
We Want Our Young People To Have Their Say…

The children were invited to explore the island of Vanuatu, once voted the happiest place on earth and one of the most vulnerable places on earth to rising sea levels.

We aimed to share in the experiences of the children of Vanuatu and give our children the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences back with them.

If we have learnt anything in the last few years from the fight against climate change, it’s that young people’s voices resonate far wider and with far more force than any other.Activists like Greta Thunburg, Ella and Caitlin McEwan, and Holly Gillibrand are all under 17 years old. Collectively, they have influenced the way people view the climate crisis and represent young people’s passion and determination for change.

We believe there is a voice and a message to be heard in every young person, and we hope that our guided devising process will go some way to bring those voices out.Our experienced practitioners will then take these thoughts as stimulus and help them devise a small performance that conveys their message in their own way. 

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