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24th March 2020

Here is another bit of constructive brain musings I had this morning. Really had a think about how to find positivity in a situation that seems so dire… In this time of severe uncertainty and confusion….here are some things for which I am CERTAIN I am grateful:

• Time to work on the skills I have wanted to explore for years but ‘never had time’ (writing, ukulele, voice, languages).
• Time to let my constructive imagination and creativity take flight to conjure and act upon all the projects and endeavors I ‘have never had time for’.
• Time to get my body in the best possible physical shape.
• Time to talk with family and friends I never seem to ‘have time for’.
• Technology to connect to people and news around the world.
• Time to refocus on what matters in life (my faith, family, environment, life choices) and put the other things in perspective (career, status, achievements, social standing).
• Time to learn how to live frugally and to conserve, reuse, and recycle.
• Time to learn about the state of our world and environment and my contribution to it.
• Time to keep my house clean and organize the chaos.
• Time to pray for our world and it’s people.
• Time to love fiercely and sacrificially.
• Time to be of help to others.
• Time to give.
• Time to receive.
• Time to educate.
• Time to explore.
• Time to create.
• Time to rest.
• Time to trust.
• Time to breathe.
We now have TIME. Let’s use it. 🌍❤🌎


23rd March 2020

15th March 2020

CORONAVIRUS STATEMENT: Due to the developing situation surrounding COVID-19 / coronavirus, the London premiere of Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike has been postponed. The play, which was due to open at the Charing Cross Theatre on 21st March, will now open later this year, with dates to be announced.

The London Climate Change Festival, which was in part inspired by Christopher Durang’s play, and scheduled to run alongside the production at the Charing Cross Theatre, will also not take place as planned due to the current situation.

The safety of all our attendees, participants, staff and volunteers is paramount and therefore we have taken the very difficult decision to cancel the Festival in its present form. We are hugely proud of the inspirational, educational and entertaining programme the Festival promised to deliver on the critical issue of Climate Change, and grateful to the many distinguished speakers, activists and performers who offered their time and talent for free. We hope it will be possible to record videos or podcasts of much of the content and share it digitally in the coming weeks and months.

Please continue to follow us on social media for updates. Patrons who have booked for events should consult their point of purchase for refunds.

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