Lunar Afternoon: Play – Outside

Outside by A Little Twisted
Monday 4th May 2.30pm

When a disruption shatters the illusion of a perfect world, two women must decide whether to commit to, or break free from a State determined to keep its civilians in line. If each moment of your life was designed to guarantee happiness, would you embrace a system that’s never failed, or fight for freedom?

A Little Twisted Productions presents Outside, an original short play exploring the relationship between two women trapped within a strict regime designed to reward hard work and compliancy. Traversing an unfamiliar landscape set years in the future, Outside presents a society forced to retreat from a hostile climate and a failed government into a pre-planned life of sameness and control.

Female-led theatre production company A Little Twisted presents Outside, premiering at Charing Cross Theatre on 4th May 2020, before its Brighton and Edinburgh run at both 2020 festivals later this year.

Freya Storch
Laura Rinati
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